Upcoming Calendar Workshop

This progressive calendar will make an impressive gift to a co-worker, daycare provider, teacher, special friend or just about anyone that leads a busy life.  As it’s progressive it’s also “timeless” (only the months and dates are listed) so it can be used from year to year.

After 7 years I have decided to replace the one that hangs over my stamping desk with this cute new updated version.  It’s the perfect reminder of who’s birthdays I need to remember and get busy making those cards!!!

For a small fee of $25 (to cover supplies except adhesive) you will spend approximately four hours putting together this adorable calendar.  I will precut all your papers and provide instruction putting it together as needed – you will stamp and color (that’s the fun part), enjoy some quality “girl” time and of course will all my workshops get a taste of chocolate!

Sign up today…workshop will be offered October 28th & November 11th.

A glimpse at the calendar toppers you will be making