Borrow Some Kids – I mean pictures of kids…

I’ve got this great group of friends with adorable kids and every once in a while paper comes along that just screams…YOU NEED TO USE ME!  Except that I have an empty nest and this was definitely “school themed” paper.  OK, well I’ve seen it used in other ways, but I just sort of wanted to scrapbook some pictures of cute kids.

So, I e-mailed my friend Casey and let her know that I needed to borrow her back to school photos for a layout I wanted to do with some paper.  I kept trying to come up with a great title…Ready, Set, School….First Days…School Days…then my friend MC saw the pictures and said oh look School Buds and a layout was born!

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Now Casey just needs to get an album, continue sending me her pictures and pretty soon she’ll be all caught up!  Just kidding Casey, the first one is on me – your mom will have to help you with the rest, pretty soon she’s going to be an “old pro”.