Happy Mail Campaign

I LOVE getting mail…ok, I get a little more excited when it’s not bills, political ads or junk, so I almost jumped up and down with joy when I learned about a new “Happy Mail Campaign” being introduced by Stacy Julian and Doodlebug!  You can read more about on Stacy’s Blog and although I can’t commit to 365 pieces of mail in a year I have committed to 52 (1 card a week).

Along with a card, you’ll receive a note from me explaining the pay it forward idea.  My cards will be homemade and unsigned so that you can either choose to reuse it or keep it!  My first card is safely tucked inside an envelope and on it’s way to a zip code that contains a “9” and a “2”.  Start watching your mail box and check back here often or my facebook page PapercraftingPrincess to see what next weeks hint will be!

2 thoughts on “Happy Mail Campaign

  1. Hello Tracey! I received my beautiful card and am thrilled to be the first recipient of your Happy Mail year! I love the card and plan to forward it to my Aunt in South Carolina who recently moved into assisted living. She loves to receive mail (who doesn’t…!?) and I know she will enjoy the pop-up lettering. Thank you for thinking of me! Hugs, Sheri


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