Fun Folds Are My Thing

It’s already been determined that I am a bit out of the ordinary and that goes for my favorite kinds of cards too!  I love glitzy, blingy cards, but what I really like is a card that makes the recipient go “WOW, she put some thought into this!”  In a family of papercrafters it’s really important to stand out, at least in my opinion, and since I’m the oldest and the self proclaimed princess I find it my duty to be able to really give the WOW factor!

My buddy Les and I met up a couple of weeks ago to look at a bag (and we are talking FULL BAG) of amazing artwork that she got from participating in a very large swap with items made from the idea book!  I’ve done this swap and it is A LOT of work; however the payoff is getting a lot of really great ideas from some really talented artists!

One card in particular stood out so when we got together Tuesday to spend some time crafting together I knew what I wanted to make.  I’ve had to hold off showing the card, because yesterday was my husband’s birthday and it was a special enough card to WOW his socks off…ok the huge palm tree I bought him to go with my little card probably helped a little too!


Here’s the card closed – a nice 3 X 6 size – I felt pretty talented lining those birds up from the Skylark Paper Packet – and guess what that really great pennant strip along the side is printed right on the paper the only stamp I used was the Happy Birthday – a mini stamp at a mini price that packs a lot of punch!  It was simply stamped in Lagoon ink !


Here’s the card all stretched out – adding another 6 inches of WOW!

Would you like to learn to make this card?  Contact me today and I’ll show you how!

Happy Crafting!


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