Day 4: A Nearly Cloudless Sky


Today’s photo assignment was to spend a few moments outdoors, look up and capture the sky overhead today, whatever the weather.  I have never been much of an outdoors girl, until recent years – I think my Wrangler wearing sweetheart is responsible for that, I have however a plethora of cloud pictures on my computer because I’ve always thought they were interesting. 

As a child, I remember laying in the grass in my grandparents hillside orchard watching the clouds and trying to make out mysterious shapes.  I don’t lay in the grass anymore (I’m afraid I couldn’t get up) but I do look up and still try to find shapes.  The summer after my mom died I saw an angel on a regular basis.  I felt it was some kind of message, but that shall be saved for a later post.

Living in Western Washington, it seems that I am afforded lots of opportunities to take pictures of clouds – today, however was not one of those days.  The brilliant blue sky is nearly cloudless and it’s to remain that way all week – three cheers for Mother Nature!  Yesterday was a completely different story and the clouds would have scared anyone from “tornado alley” they were gray, heavy and looked like they were ready to gobble something up!


I kind of think this cloud looks like a reindeer galloping through the sky.

My e-mail assignment went on to explain that  “editing images of clouds via post processing can help accentuate their texture and give the shot more dimension.”  I decided to try it and found that a beautiful blue sky can soon turn into a spooky dark sky with a little filtering.



DSCN0290 (3)

DSCN0290 (4)DSCN0290 (5)









I have to admit that it was really fun comparing the different aspects that the filters made in my pictures, but my favorite is the original photograph with the bright blue sky as the backdrop for that wispy cloud.



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  1. I didn’t notice the reindeer as clearly as I did when it was filtered, but I agree, the original photo really captures the beauty of the sky and the day.


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