Day 7: Pretty Pastels


I’m discovering more about me as my journey through 30 Days of Spring continues.  I love the daily e-mail prompts, it’s the first thing I open in my e-mail in box in each day.  I’m inspired to capture just the right shot and then be able to tell the story behind it.

Todays journey was to seek out pretty pastels “We often seek out bright and boastful colors this time of year (we’ve been fighting the doldrums of winter after all) but spring can also bring the soft, muted tones to soothe our senses and calm our souls. Farm fresh eggs and spring dresses are among a number of places we see and can appreciate another kind of color: the pastel pallet. Note: Pastels don’t just include pinks and blues. Consider all the tones of soft white there are: ecru, eggshell, crème. Consider these as you seek out the soft colors of spring.”

I am definitely a bright and boastful girl with hints of warm earthiness.  My living room walls boast a warm mustard yellow with lots of accent pieces in either earth tones or deep hues of red.  It makes a bold statement.  I have always loved pastels, baby blues and soft pinks remind me of the sweet newborns that have graced my life.  I have also recently become very fond of white…not just any white, but an antiqued white with the slightest hint of washed browns.  It’s such a contrast for me.

As I looked around my garden at all the bright hues I wondered what I might find that would inspire me today.

I found this dainty iris in a soft hue of purple soaking up the beautiful morning sun.


I was also inspired to catch the happy face of this Avalance Clematis a new comer to our garden – it has a beautiful white face with a delicate yellow center.  It’s blossoms are abundant and it seems so cheery in it’s new home.


I’d like to thank you for continuing my journey with me as I discover 30 days of wonder.



2 thoughts on “Day 7: Pretty Pastels

  1. I don’t know about you, but pastels in my home are hard to find! Pretty flowers! Our gardens are suffering from a drawn out winter and are getting a slow start this year. Thanks for sharing yours!


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