Day 8: Droplets

I’m sorry for my unexplained absence.  I spent the past 6 days in Honolulu, HI on a last minute vacation and didn’t have internet where I was staying to keep up with my daily posts – so although I read my e-mail assignment each and everyday I wasn’t able to keep you up to date!  I’m going to work very hard to get caught up now that I’m home.

Today’s assignment was to capture the sparkle of water.  Showers symbolize renewal, encourage growth and sprinkle the world around us with shimmering gems. Seek out water droplets and see the light through these tiny treasures. If Mother Nature hasn’t provided a downpour (or even a sprinkle) there are drips and drops to be found all around us.

  In the PNW I have plenty of chances to capture drops.  Today was no exception!  I captured this line of water droplets outside my kitchen window as I was attempting to photograph a group of hummingbirds around our feeder.  It was SO wet today after my return from paradise.


I decided that it would be fun to play with a little post processing and the sepia filter gave my water droplets a little different life.  They don’t look quite as cold!

DSCN0569 (2)

Look around and see what sprinkle you might find today!