An Egg in the Nest Makes 2

A few days ago (actually March 16th) I was cleaning out flower beds and found this delightful little nest built into the dirt of one of my planters.  If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably already seen the pictures.

Sunday, after having a fairly bad morning, I discovered an egg…it was ecru colored with specks of brown.  I felt so blessed and had hopes of it turning my sadness around.  My hubby joked that it looked like someone snuck a Easter Whopper Egg into the nest and for a few minutes I just felt like crying.  Seriously?!

This morning I was excited to share the news with Miss B and decided that maybe we could spot what kind of bird it was and what did I discover – A SECOND EGG and the mama bird (my friend Connie thinks it’s a Nuthatch, but my research leads me to believe it’s a Junco).  Whatever, it is I’m thrilled that I found it!

So to celebrate…I’m offering a special on this cute little Tweet Me My Acrylix Stamp!

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***Update 3/28 – there are a total of 4 eggs in the nest and the mama bird seems to sit on them until the day warms up.