Why Does Creativity Matter?

The Close to My Heart Consultant Web Page posed this question and answer post about how creativity makes a difference in your life.

Here are five ways that taking the time for creativity will make a difference in your life:

1. Increase Happiness

Scientific studies have shown that being creative actually increases your satisfaction and happiness in life. Every crafter intuitively knows this. Spending an afternoon in the craft room always feels great!

2. Find Solutions

Creativity helps you find solutions to your problems. When you feel stuck, step outside of your box and approach things in a new way. Engaging in this creative process makes new connections and brings answers to problems in unexpected ways. When you feel stuck deciding how to make your layout really stand out, try letting your creative genius out of the box so you can approach the situation from a fresh angle.

3. Make Discoveries

Being creative is the catalyst for new inventions and discoveries. Think of all the latest inventions you enjoy—every one of them is the end result of someone (or many people) going through the creative process. Even self-discovery is a creative process that will greatly enhance your life. Get creative with the colors on your next project and you may just discover your all-time favorite combination!

4. Leave a Legacy

Your creative works of art will be a legacy for the next generation to cherish. Your passion and love for your life will flow from your artwork and into the heart of the viewer. What better way to say, “I love you!” than to exemplify an appreciation for life through beautiful memory keeping?

5. Have Fun

Best of all, the creative process is fun! Creativity allows your soul to express itself in exciting new ways, so get out your stash of paper and ink and get to work!

I hope you’ll find time today to let your creativity shine.