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My plans for today were all fouled up by the County Roads Department deciding to do some road closures, no one asked me what I had planned for today before they planned this closure and then their website didn’t provide accurate closure info.

So, my regularly scheduled Card Workshop has been postponed until next week (Thursday, June 11th if you’d like to come) and since I figured my neighbor and I were going to be somewhat “homebound” I told her to come on over and play.  She plays well in the sandbox – she brought Oreo S’mores Limited Edition Cookies.

We both love cards that have fun folds so we took to Pinterest for a couple of cards that we’d like to try.  Both cards were super easy and came with Video Instructions. I had made the Flap Fold Card before so we only watched the video long enough to get the measurements.


The second card was called a Fun Flap card and other than having some issues with getting the bird lined up in the right place with the die I think they turned out very nicely.  We both decided that we liked the embossing on the flap more than a plain flap as was shown in the video.


If you’d like to join me for an afternoon of crafting…drop me a comment and we’ll make it a date!  I normally hold classes the first Thursday of every month – June is turning out to be a little wonky!  Thanks for taking time to look at our cards.

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    1. Yes Barbara 10 on the 11th! Of course you’d pick Sharon’s card…tell her she owe’s you a quarter.


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