What Makes A Party

Dictionary.com defines party as follows:

noun, plural parties.

a social gathering, as of invited guests at a private home, forconversation, refreshments, entertainment, etc.:

a cocktail party.

a group gathered for a special purpose or task:

a fishing party; a search party.
Close to My Heart qualifies a party at $150…not very much money when you get a couple of friends together that share an interest in memory keeping or card making, but then there’s the whole time issue and cleaning house, etc.
I’ve got a solution for you…you bring the friends and treats and I’ll do all the cleaning and prep work.  My new craft room is soon to be finished and I’m looking forward to sharing my love of Close to My Heart.
I’m booking parties for the fall…a great time to make a mini-album of your summer memories, get a jump on your holiday cards or gifts.  Drop me an e-mail or better yet phone me up…don’t know how to get a hold of me.  Leave me a comment on how to get in touch with you!
Looking forward to seeing you soon.