Featured Friday #2

I have been a bit of an airhead lately, first I left my coat at the TSA check at Sea-Tac and then when going back to pick up my coat we met friends for lunch and I lost my keys.  Sea-Tac is a bit of a jaunt from my house so I asked a big favor of our friend to run to the restaurant and pick up my keys then just a few days later he hand delivered them!

Sticky Boy, Close to My Heart’s Mascot, said that this was one of his favorite stamp sets and since I am including a Starbucks Gift Card as gratitude I thought I should use the Treats of Friendship stamp set, too!


You’ll notice that this isn’t just an ordinary card…that donut slides back and forth on a couple of pennies. Click to see a short video on my Facebook page.

Would you like to make one of these cards?  You can find the instructions here – I think the trick is getting the circles at the end of the slots so your pennies spin.

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