Featured Friday #8

Today I have a really special card…it’s got lots of oohs and ahhs from those that have seen it in person.  It’s called a Bendy Fold and it is so easy!  Fun folds don’t have to be tough to pack a lot of punch so I hope you’ll try this one.  Here’s the finished card and then some basic instructions to make it.


First you’ll need an 5.5 X 8.5 piece of C/S which you will cut in half – you will end up with two 4.25 X 5.5 pieces. Then you will cut one at the 2.5 inch mark so you end up with three pieces looking like this.  I decorated mine with B&T before thinking about taking the picture 😦  but you should get the idea.


The next step is to score .5 inch on one end of both short pieces – the 2.5″ piece will be scored on the left end and the 1.75 piece will be scored on the right.  On the opposite end of the folds measure in .25″ and draw a line in pencil (this will be erased at a later step) cut a tab as pictured above.

Now on the base card measure 4 inches and draw a light pencil line and on the 2.5 inch piece measure in 2″ and draw a line.  Line up the 2.5 inch piece on the base card and cut (with a craft knife) where the tab will go in.  Then do the same for the smaller piece – lining it up on the 2.5″ piece.

You then will attach the flaps of both of the smaller cards on the back of each end of the 4.25 X 5.5 base card – I used sticky tape so they had a secure attachment.

This is what the card looks like from above.


I hope you’ll give this fun fold a try!  Thank you for stopping by.




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