Do You Remember?

that time in September?  LOL!  That’s all I could think of after I wrote the title for my blog post!  I pulled out an oldie, but goodie when I made this card.  It took three of us crafting together to finally pull it off and NOW the scraps of Pemberly are gone.

Do you have a drawer of half used papers?  I challenge you to get them out and use them.  Someone would love to find a cheery card in their mailbox and it gives you more room to add new 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Do You Remember?

  1. ahhh…Pemberly
    One of my favorites! How could you part with your last piece? I hope this goes to someone who appreciates your talent and, in this case, sacrifice. It is so cheery paired with the yellow!


    1. Oh Debi, if you only saw my paper stash you would understand my excitement to get it used! This card will be a limited edition of my upcoming card cafe…someone’s going to live it!


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