For the Love of Markers


One of the things that I love about Close to My Heart Products is the art of coordination.  The selection of Shin Han markers that we offer is no exception.

After a comment on Friday’s blog about “mixing so many colors to get the proper color is a little disturbing”  I decided that I needed to tell you that it’s really not hard.  It takes a little practice (all you have to do is watch a couple of you-tube videos and you’ll get some great tips).  Close to My Heart also provided this wonderful chart on their blog and recently updated it to include our new colors.

Coloring with our Shin Han markers is one of my favorite pasttimes.  I’m still practicing with our watercolors and although I love our watercolor pencils they don’t give me the vibrant hues of the markers.

Grab your markers and some white daisy cardstock and give the Shin Han markers a spin. It is super fun to see the colors transform and soon match the different Close to My Heart colors.

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2 thoughts on “For the Love of Markers

  1. I think disturbing may have been a wrong word, I should have said frustrating. Yes, I have had the chart for a long time, and have used it for the color matching and in the first circle I actually placed a 1″ piece of cardstock next to it and then colored the other circle with the majority of the different formulas. I used this chart and went to a store that had a good supply of Copic colors; but soon learned that no matter what alcohol-based pen I went to to match up, some you just need to use a formula. And I’m missing a couple of the neutral colors that they use in the formulas, and the light green was one. So, thanks for the link to the new chart, my job for today. Hope I didn’t offend you on my comments, but just wanted you to know, the main thing was not to put ShinHan down, but to fess up and as you say practice a little.


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