A Monsterous Birthday

There is no better chore than to make a birthday card for your child!  What I’m really trying to say is that there’s nothing better than when your 25 year old son comes to you and asks you to make a card for his friend’s son!  I asked him once if it was because he was too cheap to go to the dollar store and he told me “no, it’s because I like your cards better!”  I love that he gives me a quick deadline “can I pick it up tomorrow?”

So…do you ever decorate your envelopes?  I used to always decorate my envelopes, then I went through a phase where I used the clear ones.  It’s probably just me but I always think maybe it will make the letter carrier a little happier when they plop the mail in someone’s box!

I found a simple sketch online and recreated it for little boy birthday!  My truck and car stamps are long gone and the cute Monstrous Halloween stamp set was sitting on my desk along with the Jeepers Creepers Paper Packet.

There is nothing about this card that says Halloween, but there is everything that says 2 year old boy including the #2 I cut from the Art Philosophy cartridge in our new Pansy cardstock.

I hope you’ll take a second look at the seasonal stamps and see what other uses you can come up with for them.  Thanks for stopping by…check back again soon!

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