A Behind the Scenes Look

I thought I’d share a little behind the scenes look at how I prepare for a card class.

First, I find an inspiration piece…in this case it’s a card from the No Worries Workshop.  Usually I end up tweaking something (in this case glacier card stock instead of the zip strip).  Then I assemble the card, you’ll notice this one is missing the sentiment, it will be added when I get back to my Craft Coop after the long weekend at our cabin.  Once I’m happy with it I start cutting the supplies I need for my classes, each individual umbrella, lawn chair and b&t piece is hand cut.

When I multiply that by 6-10 people and four cards you can imagine the time it consumes and now you might understand a little better why I request an RSVP to my card classes.

Thanks for stopping by I hope you’ve enjoyed my behind the scenes look.  I look forward to seeing you in card class real soon.

2 thoughts on “A Behind the Scenes Look

  1. Love your cards. Love how you are able to keep creating and you freely share your inspirations! TFS


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