Thank You!

As I sit here in my hotel in Salt Lake City really excited for convention to start – the first thing I think about is that I owe a big thank you to my loyal customers.

My first order of business was to check in at the Salt Palace and I was excited to have a couple of extra ribbons to display on my name tag.  The Sellers Club is a new title in 2017 and I was lucky enough to earn both ribbons.  To reach the sellers club I have to sell a certain dollar amount in a quarter (double what I normally have to sell) and then I am given a two month preview for the next constant campaign.  I never in all my years guessed that I could do it twice – and it was not without your help.  So thank you for helping me earn these ribbons.

I plan on having lots of fun here (so far so good) – we had our first Uber ride to dinner and back 🙂 and sharing what bits and pieces I can.  Our first meeting is tonight so I’ll probably just do a quick update in the morning.

See you soon!