A Rooster in the Coop

Last week I had the pleasure of teaching my friend Ron a little about stamping.  While we were watching TV he mentioned that he could make his wife of 32 years an anniversary card and I jumped at the chance to see that happen.

I did disclose to him that I’d be taking pictures and notes and he’d become WORLD FAMOUS once I posted this on my blog.

Ron’s a great sport – he’s like a big brother to me and probably my next favorite person behind my Wrangler Wearing Sweetheart.  He’s shown a little interest in what I do and likes my homemade cards – mostly I think he just wants to get his hands on my Cricut.

The first thing I did was hand him my Make It From Your Heart Volume 4 and told him to pick a pattern that he liked and then I sent him to my paper stash to see what he could find.   He actually put some thought into it – I was IMPRESSED!!!

It was fun to have some one on one time with a beginner – he learned to use a my paper cutter  (something even my card class members don’t have to do) and my Big Shot.   I wish I would have got a picture of him sitting on the floor going through my boxes of stamps.  He even decorated the front and back of his envelope.

He called me Friday morning and told me that his card was a hit.  What he doesn’t know is that we have another lesson in the Coop when he comes to visit this week.

2 thoughts on “A Rooster in the Coop

  1. I wish more roosters would be that interested…fun to see the photos of him putting it together. You should have him to a critters card next week and submit it in Pinterest…there are a lot of men in Pinterest so maybe he has one already and can make up a folder for Rooster in the Coop Cards.


    1. That’s a fantastic idea Sue…he’s here two nights this week so I’ll have to see if I can twist his arm.


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