Double Trouble #31

It’s time for a little trouble again…

The card I had for this week’s challenge hit a bit of a snag on Friday night when the Double Trouble Team discovered I had no embossing…I should have fixed it right then, but with a busy weekend it was a trek to the Craft Coop at 6AM!

Trouble Maker asked us to include Dry or Heat Embossing on our card so this morning I added a panel of arrows behind my VW van that’s headed to the beach for holiday/vacation. My optional twist was to include a sign that you’d see on your vacation travels. If I was on vacation today I’d be on Happy Street!!! Double Dare led us down the path to Pile It On and their Transportation/Vacation theme. Their theory is to create projects for more than one challenge so if you’re entering ours you already qualify to enter theirs!

I hope you’ll forgive me for being tardy…I’ll work on making sure my challenges are on time and completed correctly in the future!

3 thoughts on “Double Trouble #31

  1. Like how you were able to pull in some dry embossing, I wasn’t sure how I was going to include something with my beach scene either. Very pretty card and love your road sign sentiment.


  2. Oh my, Tracey, you really need to shop. I can’t believe any crafter would be without any embossing fun supplies. Too bad you don’t live closer. We are wonderful enablers and would soon have your craft area bursting with things you didn’t know you needed! Really nice vacation themed creation!

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