This or That Tuesday

It’s the last Tuesday of February.  Tell me how you liked playing This or That?  I’m going to tally all the comments and see if there were more This or That…I’ll report back Thursday so make sure you didn’t miss a post to comment on!

Today’s This or That are Watercolor Pencils or ShinHan Touch Twin Markers.

I have both in my supply cabinet…one gets used a little more often than the other and if you’ve been following my blog for very long it will be an easy guess for you which I prefer.

I don’t know that it is actually a preference or just a lack of technique – I struggle with blending which is really a problem with both products.

Which do you prefer?

This or That Tuesday

Welcome to another week of This or That Tuesday!  Are you having fun yet?  I am finding that sometimes it is really hard to pick which item I like and then I look again and maybe my mind has changed.

This week I chose the Something Fierce (Dinosaurs) and I Heart Us (Floral) complements.

Complements are high quality stickers and chipboard items that coordinate with our paper packets.  They are perfect for scrapbooking and cardmaking and I feel are often overlooked in our catalog.

Which collection would you choose?

This or That Tuesday

It’s already time for another This or That Tuesday…this one was a hard one for me so “both” could be the correct answer if you can’t choose!

I love my furry friends…I don’t have kitties anymore, but the truth is dogs are better companions…it always seemed like my cats loved me on their terms, but my dog – well, he loves me all the time!

Purrrrific and Pawprints on My Heart are two stamp sets featured in the Seasonal Expressions.  I love both stamp sets with their sweet sentiments and accessories.  Look at that cute ball of yarn.  These stamps would make the perfect addition to your stamp collection – which would you choose and why?