On the 2nd Day of Christmas

On the 2nd Day of Tracey’s Christmas, I give you Ink Pads

Purchase any 4 of the 40 Close to My Heart Exclusive Inks Stamp Pads and get your choice of a 5th stamp pad for free!*


Make sure you e-mail me before midnight to take advantage of this offer.

*this offer is good for multiples – purchase 8 get 2 free etc.

Enjoy your holidays!


Day 2: Daily Rituals


I awoke this morning excited for the Day 2 assignment to be revealed in my inbox, but first I had to feed the cats.  I chuckled when I finally opened the e-mail “How do you begin your day? Capture a vignette of your morning ritual.”

I grabbed my camera (which I leave on the dining room table in plain sight) and rushed back to the cat dishes just as they were licking their lips and walking away.  Hmmm?  I opted for giving them a little more food.

My lazy mornings often begin around 6:00 with two cats meowing outside our bedroom door and sending my husbands dog into a tailspin of dramatic whining that someone is going to steal her food.














As soon as the door is open I’m escorted directly to the food dish, if I detour along the way I’m scolded.  My kitties are old and spoiled, but I wouldn’t start my morning any other way.