Day 5: Grounded


It’s already been determined in yesterdays post that I don’t do dirt, so you can imagine my dismay when I opened my e-mail today suggesting that I place my camera on the ground to get a new perspective of the world around me.  My husband will be surprised at my picture today because #1 it meant walking through his shop to his garden space (which in itself is a challenge for me) and #2 that it’s of dirt, not just dirt, but composted dirt, not the nice clean dirt that comes in garden bags that I won’t touch either.


Yes, I put my camera directly on the freshly tilled earth and snapped a picture – it only took me three to get the view I wanted without an excited white and black border collie making his way into the frame.  This dirt will soon bear the fruits of my husbands hard labor and will provide beautiful vegetables for our summer dinner table.  His garden is a beautiful masterpiece which gets lots of heat reflecting off our metal shop. 

I love the contrast of the dark soil against the green pasture.  This picture really captures the tranquility of living in the country.  It reminds me of how blessed I am.