Inspiration is Everywhere

Last week I talked about getting inspiration from the Close to My Heart How To Books and this week I’m taking you down a different road of adventure. I’m not sure why, but I pay close attention to details and I file things away and use them later. For instance I have a friend that ALWAYS looks at the dessert menu for Key Lime Pie – if it’s not there she probably doesn’t order dessert…so I filed that information away and when we had a dinner party recently it was on my radar and I wanted her to feel special. This little quirk works really well for my card-making too. I can see something and think – “oh that might look good on a card”.

This dish towel is a prime example. I saw it online and decided to grab a screenshot. There were several things I liked about the towel (besides the pie) and knowing that I had the Pumpkin Treats stamp set sitting on my desk I started planning my card.

I started by stamping, coloring and die cutting three slices of pie, then I decided what I liked about the towel. The linen colored background and plaid edges really stood out along with the words…oh what would I do.

And there we have it…not an exact match, but close enough. It definitely has the elements that I liked in the dish towel. This Pumpkin Treat stamp set is definitely getting a lot of use in the Coop. You’ll see one more card using it on Friday and then probably a few more times through the season. I’m sure I’ll be using it on some scrapbook pages too!

Leave me a comment with what you use for inspiration and if you want to challenge me send me a message with an inspiration piece and I’ll see what I can come up with.

Thanks for stopping by…I’m off to find a piece of pie!

A Reason to Mail It

Y’all should know by now that I’m a social media junkie…I love sharing and I love people that share. Over on Instagram I stumbled across Mail It Monday – I instantly fell in love! Kim is so inspirational, responds quickly and shares some of the cutest darned things and she’s like me she loves to mail things!

Related image

You can imagine my happiness when on December 31st she shared a free download for the Ultimate Inspiration Calendar for Card Mailers (mouthful right?) Currently the month of January is available and you can find it here on her blog For the Love of Paper.

I hope that you’ll make 2019 a year for spreading happiness…don’t just make cards – mail them!

Enjoy the Little Things – Stampganza

Wow!  It’s Wednesday already…where does time go?

I’ve been having a blast showcasing the stamp sets that were brought back from retirement this month for Stampganza.  Enjoy the Little things with it’s cute flowers and little tag sentiment reminding us to enjoy the little things.


My 3X3 card was random stamped with the flowers in Glacier, Thistle and Lemon – notice how my random stamping is done in a triangular pattern – it really makes it an organized random 🙂  stamping off the page is good too!  Most of the time I start with a larger piece of paper and then cut it down to the size I need for my card.

Have you picked out your favorite stamps for Stampganza?  You can find them here.

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Why Does Creativity Matter?

The Close to My Heart Consultant Web Page posed this question and answer post about how creativity makes a difference in your life.

Here are five ways that taking the time for creativity will make a difference in your life:

1. Increase Happiness

Scientific studies have shown that being creative actually increases your satisfaction and happiness in life. Every crafter intuitively knows this. Spending an afternoon in the craft room always feels great!

2. Find Solutions

Creativity helps you find solutions to your problems. When you feel stuck, step outside of your box and approach things in a new way. Engaging in this creative process makes new connections and brings answers to problems in unexpected ways. When you feel stuck deciding how to make your layout really stand out, try letting your creative genius out of the box so you can approach the situation from a fresh angle.

3. Make Discoveries

Being creative is the catalyst for new inventions and discoveries. Think of all the latest inventions you enjoy—every one of them is the end result of someone (or many people) going through the creative process. Even self-discovery is a creative process that will greatly enhance your life. Get creative with the colors on your next project and you may just discover your all-time favorite combination!

4. Leave a Legacy

Your creative works of art will be a legacy for the next generation to cherish. Your passion and love for your life will flow from your artwork and into the heart of the viewer. What better way to say, “I love you!” than to exemplify an appreciation for life through beautiful memory keeping?

5. Have Fun

Best of all, the creative process is fun! Creativity allows your soul to express itself in exciting new ways, so get out your stash of paper and ink and get to work!

I hope you’ll find time today to let your creativity shine.